PropArmor Anti-Fouling Alternative & Running Gear Protection.

Running Gear Underwater Protection for Boats and Yachts

Marine Growth Protection

- The Advantages -

  • Speed Performance
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Better Handling
  • Fuel Savings
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Apply
  • No Contractor Needed
  • Non-toxic
Thanks proparmor for making my job of servicing these sea strainers much easier.
Good performance for the money.
Finally a product that is environmentally ok and is relatively inexpensive compared to others.
I like the fact I am using an antifoul that is natural, and it works!


Capt. Mike Ford, veteran skipper with 19 years at the helm of M.Y. REEF CHIEF (a 120 ft luxury charter yacht), has a reputation as a heavy weight skipper that pulls no punches.

Capt. Mike was a customer of propspeed up until last year when he decided to try our environmentally-friendly, cost-effective coating.

REEF CHIEF is a high-profile and very busy vessel, notching up over 10,000nm since Prop Armor was applied to her props and shafts at Bradford shipyard, Fort Lauderdale. Capt. Mike has taken REEF CHIEF from the Bahamas to Maine and back working the vessel and crew to the max all while still providing outstanding service and satisfaction to the guests. Consequently, like most busy yachts, REEF CHIEF does not have time for haul out or prop issues. He reports great success with Prop Armor and it's ability to keep his props clean, running smoothly, and keeping his vessel from any fouling issues. This demonstrates that Prop Armor excels in all conditions, from the tropical waters of the Caribbean to the colder climates of the north.

Whitecap, New Jersey

I hauled out my Viking sportfish boat out after 1 year of use and props were clean.

River Rat, New York

I bought some for my boat on the hudson river. We just pulled the boat out and the coating worked well for 8 months. We used to use a more expensive product, but this proved a really good value

East Coaster, New Jersey

I used Prop Armor on my sailboat in New Jersey. It lasted the season, and I thought it was good for the price.

Sailorman, Miami, Florida

I found Proparmor easy to apply,the website gave me the simple application process.I have had it on my boat for 9 months. Recently I took a look under the boat,its still holding up very well.This is the first time I have used Proparmor,we used to use a two part process, this is so much easier to apply and less stress on my wallet.

Sailor Sam, Florida Keys

I have been using the product on my Grand Banks 36.It works best if the props are heated before application. I have had it on now for 7 months and working well.

Greg B, Skipper SV Liberty VI

In my opinion, Prop Armor is a far better product. We have done over 3200nm in a season, in cold and warmer waters. It out lasted any other product we have ever used. We even used it on the transducer. We did not have to clean the transducer at any time and it worked every time.

Steve, Chief engineer 47 meter yacht

I have been using Prop Armor to protect the sea strainers onboard the yacht I engineer. The product is easy to apply and provides excellent anti-fouling of the strainers between scheduled cleanings. Thanks proparmor for making my job of servicing these much easier. It saves me a lot of time!

John, Naples Florida

I have been using Prop Armor for 7 months in the warm waters of west Florida. I have found proparmor to work well in keeping those pesky barnacles off my props. I had a few on the prop, but when I ran the boat, they fell off. I am now going to try it on my sea strainers. I am told it works well there as well and they are always loaded with growth.

Keith, Bosun 40 meter yacht

I decided to try Prop Armor on our tenders propeller, and it has worked well keeping barnacles at bay. Ones that appear fall off when we run the boat. Still have a bit of slime that appears but this comes off easily as well.

Jerry, Ft. Lauderdale

I have been using Prop Armor in the high fouling waters of south Florida. Good performance for the money. I would recommend it. Keeps barnacles from fouling my running gear.

Mark, Ft Lauderdale

Great new product. I like the fact I can apply it underwater. A few barnacles appear after long periods of non-use but come off easily. I like the fact I am using an antifoul that is natural, and it works!

Jim, Miami

Finally a product that is environmentally ok and is relatively inexpensive compared to others. Good marine growth protection and my props don't turn green anymore. Thanks for making part of your test group!

Hans-Gunnar Hjalmarsson, Hällevikstrand Orust, Sweden

Proparmor visade sig vara en bättre och effektiv produkt än tidigare använda produkter. Små havstulpaner fastnar efter långa perioder av icke-användning men lossnar lätt vid rengöring och under sjögång.

Translation: PropArmor turned out to be a better and more efficient product than previously used products. Small barnacles sticking after long periods of non-use is loose but easily for cleaning and during seaway.

P-O Larsson, Fjällbacka, Sweden

Proparmor är en lätt hanterlig produkt som levde upp till mina förväntningar. Har testat olika alternativ genom åren, men fann att Proparmor håller vad den lovar på alla sätt och vis.

Translation: Prop Armor is an easy to use product that works. Standing up to my expectations about a product, been trying so many different types but I found proparmor to be the best.

Ulf Hjalmarsson, Trollhättan, Sweden

PropArmor överraskade mig! Jag är helt belåten med produkten Den är lätt att använda och de få snäckor och slem som fastnade var jätte lätt att få bort med fingret eller vattenslang. Testade Proparmor hela förra säsongen i gullmarsfjorden-Bokenäs.

Translation: Prop Armor surprised me! I'm pleased with the product it is easy to use and the few snails and slime that got stuck was really easy to get away with your finger or a water hose. I tested Prop Armor throughout last season in Gullmarsfjorden.