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Prop Armor

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PropArmor Anti-Fouling Alternative & Running Gear Protection.

PropArmor... is an affordable "foul release" coating that provides a super slick underwater coating.

BENEFIT: Protecting running gear from underwater growth for better performance, fuel savings, and lower maintenance costs.

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Marine Growth Protection

- The Advantages -

  • Speed Performance
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Better Handling
  • Fuel Savings
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Apply
  • No Contractor Needed
  • Non-toxic
Sea Strainer Protection Thanks proparmor for making my job of servicing these sea strainers much easier.
Great Value Good performance for the money.
Sensitive To The Environment Finally a product that is environmentally ok and is relatively inexpensive compared to others.
Natural - Works I like the fact I am using an antifoul that is natural, and it works!
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PropArmor Marine Growth Protection

PropArmor is the latest marine product available to yacht and boat owners that provides an affordable all natural protective coating for underwater running gear, propellers, stern drives, outboards, and sea strainers. PropArmor's unique formula provides superior protection from the harsh underwater environment. PropArmor inhibits marine growth.

All Natural Marine Product

PropArmor is made with non-hazardous environmentally friendly renewable resources. PropArmor is easy to apply with reported excellent results.

Complete Running Gear and Sea Strainer Protection

PropArmor underwater coating protects all running gear including shafts, propellers, outdrives, outboards trim tabs, and sea strainers. The all natural formula will not damage or react with bronze, aluminum,stainless steel, or paint. PropArmor benefits include better fuel efficiency, better speeds, and good protection while boat is idle in nutrient rich waters.

PropArmor provides excellent sea strainer protection when applied between maintenance cleanings resulting in better water flow, and easier servicing.

Stop marine growth today!

Propellor Protection. Sea Strainer Protection. Shaft Protection. Running Gear Protection. Intake Protection. Increase Your Prop Speed.

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