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PropArmor Anti-Fouling Alternative & Running Gear Protection.

Marine Growth Protection

- The Advantages -

  • Speed Performance
  • Lower Maintenance
  • Better Handling
  • Fuel Savings
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Apply
  • No Contractor Needed
  • Non-toxic
Thanks proparmor for making my job of servicing these sea strainers much easier.
Good performance for the money.
Finally a product that is environmentally ok and is relatively inexpensive compared to others.
I like the fact I am using an antifoul that is natural, and it works!

A Real World Demonstration

Photos of Foul Release Properties

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Sea Strainer Above: First picture is a sea strainer coated with PropArmor after 10 weeks in the sea chest. With a simple garden hose, the growth came off easily. Three small barnacles came off with a simple flick of the finger. PropArmor is very effective in keeping growth from attaching to sea strainers. Easy cleanup!

Half of this weather buoy was coated with Prop Armor.

Barnacles have collected on the untreated side while the treated side remains protected. Applying PropArmor to underwater running gear and sea strainers of boats and yachts will protect from damage and help maintain the speed and fuel efficiency of the vessel.


This propellor was coated with Prop Armor.

This boat propeller belongs to a yacht that was experiencing slower speeds and poorer fuel efficiency. After Prop Armor was applied to the propeller, barnacles were no longer a problem.

Photos From Greece (2011): Many thanks to Pan Papamentzelopoulos for the following photos taken at the Eco Centre Boat Care, located in Piraeus, Greece. The photos show the application of Prop Armor to propellors and shafts for use on yachts and vessels operating in Greek waters. Objectives: Propellor Performance and Propellor Protection.

Additional Photos From Greece: Same props as above. Photos below taken August 25, 2011. Growth remains inhibited. No Scrapping. No growth removal.